Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Super Slackers!

This is our Salt Lake Bees game night. In the top picture Taylor's with his buddy Zach and below Rieley is with equally crazy friend Brookelyn. We went to a Bees game last year and had so much fun we decided to make it a tradition. Rieley and her friend made themselves at home. We were sitting by right field and we were really close to the right fielder. His name (Evans) was on his shirt so Rieley and her friend began calling him "Mr. Edwards". They cheered him and chanted until the whole section we were sitting in was cheering for "Mr. Edwards". We laughed. Honestly it's hard to tell if the kids are having fun because they love baseball or because they had so much cotton candy in them that they can't stop smiling and bouncing around. Anyway, we'll keep going and cheering for our close friend "Mr. Edwards".

Here he is - the big 6th grade graduate! Isn't he handsome. There's another one of those times that I thought, no big deal, it's 6th grade graduation. Then I get there and wish I had kleenex. It's amazing how you find yourself at a time and place that you felt it would take a lot longer to get to. I am so proud of Caeldton and the kind of person he is. He is friendly and tolerant and a good sport. He is smart and funny and just so fun to be around. He worked sooo hard in school to accomplish his goals. Many of you know this but he was awarded one of the Presedential Academic Achievement awards because of the incredible progress he showed based on the CRT testing they do. Every score was in the mid to high 90's and he scored a 99% in Science. (I hope you don't mind me bragging a little.) This was not an easy road for CJ but he perservered and landed on top! What a kid. He will definetely do great things and has a great purpose to fulfill!

This is Taylor's first school program. We were so excited but a little lower key than Caeldton's first school program. Funny how time and experience changes things. I almost forgot to put him in a little nicer clothes than his usuall. Anyway, he did great on his speaking part and sang his little heart out. He loved kindergarten and loved his teacher. His favorite subject quickly became recess. His teacher also said he was the best listener, ever! Of course, I was proud and wondered how to get that quality to last past lunch time. (He-He!)

This is Reiley at her 4th grade program. She is the cutest girl in the whole 4th grade as you can see. They did a patriotic program and sang all the songs that represented all of the armed forces. They had those who were in the armed forces stand while they sang and I was working hard to control my emotions. I have grown quite a soft spot for those who give and sacrifice in the name of freedom. I love this country!!!

I don't know if you can even see him but this is Caeldton at his orchestra concert. We were far away so the picture is dark and grainy. The orchestra sounded great! It was exciting watching Caeldton and I think I enjoyed having him play an instrument that I had no clue about. Maybe he enjoyed that too. He is playing in the orchestra at Kaysville Junior this year. I'm anxious to see his abilities grow!

Here's Caeldton tearing up the field at soccer. He plays mostly defensive positions. He gets better every year. It get's more and more fun as the boys get bigger. He doesn't look for bugs in the grass anymore. He watches the game and yells at the other players. It's awesome! He has a pretty mean kick, too. One game I was watching him and noticed that he was looking around in the grass and realized that he had dropped his mouth guard. He quickly found it, picked it up and popped it in. Boys are gross but you gotta love the no nonsense approach!

These are pictures of Taylor's first buzz of the year. It was getting a little warm and we decided it was time. We about wet our pants buzzing off different sections and taking pictures. We were laughing so hard we were crying! Taylor's very photogenic wouldn't you say? We had so much fun!!!

This is the funeral for Timid. He was the first of two hermit crabs that died at our house. The picture above is Timid's handmade coffin. This is a somber picture of the friends that showed up to help Taylor and Rieley at the burial. The tears had already been spilt so it was a short service and now Timid is part of the foliage in our front yard. A couple months later we lost Smiley and Rieley decided she couldn't handle anymore loss and gave away her last crab to a friend. She is pet-less now.

Here is Rieley's mean soccer self! She was amazing. Especially her come back from a broken leg. It has barely been a year when the season ended. Her team was undefeated! She cant' wait until next year to play again.

This is Rieley and Taylor during spring break. We have a tradition of doing oobleck. (It's just cornstarch and water.) They love to play in it and make a huge mess. We have fun!

Most of you know that Caeldton got braces on! He's totally going for the seventh grader look. He does it well accept that he is no pip-squeak. He's growing everyday and eats enough to keep up with the growth. He's excited for seventh grade and we're excited for him. He gives me crap all the time but he gives great back rubs too. I really can't complain.
O.K. that is a lot of stuff to go through. Sorry I am such a slacker about blogging. I'd like to say that I'll be better when all my kids go to school all day but I know better. These pictures go from the most recent to about mid April. Life is good for us and we feel very blessed. You all know that Brett lost his job so keep us in your prayers and we hope that that status will change soon. If not we'll be checking to see who has the most cushy accomidations for six!? (He-He) We hope all is well for all of you. We love you all.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

4th Grade Program

Rieley had her 4th grade program last week. They did it all about the state of Utah. She tried out to sing "Shoes" that was written by Cori Connors about little pilgram girls. The top-left picture is her singing the song. She was nervous but did a great job! They also did some country dancing (the picture on the top-right). They sang great songs (the buffalot chip song was a favorite) and reminded us of the rich history that the state of Utah has.
Thursday night Grandmas and Grandpas and parents and even Aunt Nic came to see her moment of glory and 4th grade debut. She is certainly the cutest forth grader I know!

Are these my Children?!

Rieley talks Taylor into all sorts of fun things! They giggle more than anyone I know. What 's the first thing that comes to your mind? Ziggy, piggy,....ziggy, piggy!

Viva - Las Vegas!

Last weekend Caeldton and I took a trip to Las Vegas! We stayed with Storey and Ben and Brooks. (Bro0ks was the real draw.) We stopped in Provo on the way down and ate dinner. Caeldton (despite his aversion to Cougars) loves the Brick Oven. It didn't take him long to realize that almost everything on the menu ends in bar: pasta bar, salad bar, soup bar, etc. Anyway, we had a nice drive down and he fulfilled his "right of passage" into the Toone Family on the way there as he read The Fart Book to me. We both laughed really hard. I may have laughed harder. I have too many fond memories associated with that book. Perhaps the tears were not from laughing so hard, maybe it was the fondness.

Saturday, Storey, Caeldton and I went to Red Rock and hiked. Ben hadn't been feeling too hot so he stayed home with Brooks. Thanks Ben! Storey has been a little obsessed with the Twilight Series and was anxious to watch the new movie so I think that would explain why she would often try to bound up large boulders and trees as if she might take flight. Edward was with her! Thank goodness no blood was spilt. The hike was lots of fun. Caeldton and Storey kept kicking sand at eachother. I had to be the parent. Storey packed some super-awesome lunches. The view was amazing and we had fun talking with eachother as Caeldton expored.

Sunday we went to church. It's always fun to go to a ward somewhere else. It's wonderful to feel the spirit and strength of members where ever you go. The missionaries joined us for dinner and they had a delicious meal! Storey did a good job with dinner even though she was exhausted to the point of silliness. I made a pie for dessert. The missionaries will do better work because of the food they ate that night!

Caeldton and Brooks became fast friends and they will miss each other. They both became expert spitters to the point of us almost investing in some rain slickers. Too bad they don't sell those in Las Vegas. Between spit and drool.....it's a good thing they live in the desert. Thanks Stor and Ben and Brooks for a great weekend!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

If I Were King of the Forest......

Brett was the Lion in the Wizard of Oz at Rodgers Memorial Theatre. 3 nights a week for 5 weeks. Last Friday was his closing show. He was great!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Birthday Pictures

These are the birthday pictures for Taylor and Caeldton. Growing up way too fast!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School

Taylor was so excited to finally be in kindergarten! Caeldton is excited to be back, too. He loves his 6th grade teacher. Rieley is okay with being back in school. Her teachers (tag team teachers) are both in our ward and both live 1/2 block away - so that helps. But, she will always prefer just to be with mom.
Mom now can take a shower every day without someone coming in to ask a question!!